Why Are Headache Sufferers NOT Being Told These Facts About Migraines And Daily Headaches?

Controversial Scientist Blows The Lid Off The Secrets About Your Headaches Your Doctor Does Not Want You to Know!

Foremost headache scientist in the US

Renee Morales M.N.S.

"Renee has given me back both my health and my family life in less time than I ever imagined possible!"

Heartfelt thanks,
-Gina Hardy,
Paris, CA

Dear headache/migraine sufferer,

If you’ve ever had a severe headache, you know the choices are take drugs and press on regardless how sick you feel …or take drugs and lie down and give in. Right?

"Lie down and give in" works OK with occasional headaches, BUT…

My occasional headaches became almost daily headaches.

And grew MUCH more severe. I had headaches 3-4 days a week, sometimes just one long 4-day headache. Sometimes, the pain would come with blind spots and nausea.

If you’ve ever been to the doctor about a headache, you know it goes something like this:

The doctor asks you a lot of questions about your headaches, when and how they occur. You feel vaguely inadequate when you can’t answer all 263 of them.

He tells you it’s probably not a tumor or anything life threatening (and he’s probably right.). but he can run some tests to be sure. ("Cha-ching" more money for him.)

He recommends – Take pain killers, rest in a dark quiet place until it passes and try to reduce your stress. (Do you ever have the sneaking suspicion that which drug is recommended depends on the Doctor and how badly he wants the drug companies’ incentives?)

And then the kicker, if you don’t feel any better (meaning his advice doesn’t work), make another appointment to see him! (Another co-pay, and another "cha-ching" from the doctor’s point of view. Where’s his incentive to see you feel better I ask? I have yet to see a doctor guarantee anything.)

Have you ever been through one of those Doctor Appointments?

If you’ve been through several, you know that the drugs get stronger and have nastier side effects with each visit. Each time you are left with the impression that you are being humored, more than you are being treated.

In my case, the appointments and medical tests and drug bills began to add up to thousands of dollars.

One day, I ran the numbers and came to a horrible realization. If we had saved the amount of money that we spent each year on suppressing my headaches and migraines, in 18 years, it would pay for 4 years of college tuition for one of our kids!

That day, I realized:

My life no longer centered on my wonderful husband and our plans for our family. My life didn’t even center on my promising career.

My life centered on the migraines.

The problem had grown to the point that the migraines decided if I would go into work.
The migraines decided if
I could go out with friends or family.
The migraines
decided if I was intimate with my Husband. and
The migraines
decided if I could stand to eat dinner (forget about cooking it).

The headaches had taken control of my life!

If you’ve ever suffered from a blinding migraine, you know how paralyzing they are, don’t you?

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My circle of friends grew smaller with each cancellation. People were sympathetic and understanding, but they had their own lives. Gradually, the invitations and calls stopped coming. Slowly, my world narrowed down to me forgotten in my darkened bedroom with my pain.

I obsessed over things that "normal" people never worry about like:

  • Would I wake up with a migraine tomorrow?
  • Would the pain killers kick in before I had to get up?
  • Could I fall asleep with my throbbing head?
  • Did I remember to refill the pain killers in my purse?
  • Why aren’t the drugs helping?
  • How can I manage to go home early today?
  • Will I even be able to find some relief there?

My worries would multiply along with my headaches:

  • How much longer will my boss be understanding about my missing work?
  • If he fires me, how will I ever find another job?
  • Do headaches qualify as permanent disability?
  • Can we make it on only my husband’s salary?
  • How long before my husband gives up on me because he can’t live with broken plans, care taking, medical expenses, and nearly nonexistent sex life?
  • What will I do if he divorces me?

Something HAD to change or I would end up a pain-wracked, bag lady living alone under a bridge!

My name is Renee Morales. I suffered with recurring headaches and migraines for 21 years before finding the answer that ended my headaches and kept me from ending up under that bridge.

Imagine if you live free yourself from the crippling pain. Leave behind your pain, your darkened bedroom, and ditch the army of pill bottles in your desk, briefcase, purse, gym bag, glove box.

I did and I guarantee YOU can experience this freedom too.

The Total Headache Relief method has effortlessly freed thousands of people just like you from headache misery of all types:

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then this is the most important information you’ll ever read.

After the stunning realization that I was on the road to losing everything because of the headaches, I decided to fight back. I made it my mission.

I used the scientific training I received getting my Masters in Biochemistry to identify and eliminate the CAUSE of the headaches, rather than passively hoping this is the last one and simply taking drugs to dull the pain until it passes.

Once I began approaching the problem systematically using myself as the science experiment, I discovered some astonishing secrets about the different types of headaches; sinus, tension, chronic, migraine. And I found that what relieves the pain of headache, can actually make the pain of another kind of headache worse!

Out of these discoveries came"Total Headache Relief", a simple method which allows you to put your headaches and migraines behind you. You don’t need a degree in science or medicine, I’ve done the hard work for you.

I spent countless hours sifting through medical papers and researching traditional and alternative healing methods until my eyes threatened to pop out of my head. And then spent hours more, testing the solutions I found on myself to discover the secret.

Now I have enjoyed over 8 years of liberty from chronic recurring headaches, and have helped other headache sufferers eliminate headaches from their lives with with great success.

My life has changed for the better since I found the answer to the headaches.

Now, I rarely see my doctor, and definitely don’t miss regularly shelling out dough on a never ending cycle of co-pays, exotic drugs, and intrusive tests. I’ve almost forgotten what he looks like!

We now have financial security because we are able to save the money previously spent at the Doctor, Hospital, and Pharmacy.

We can now make AND KEEP plans with friends. I am again involved in community theatre productions and no longer fear letting the cast and community down.

I’m now fully a wife and mother, taking care of my family and their needs, instead of being a burden on them. I no longer worry about ending up divorced and our marriage is stronger than ever.

My family and I now travel freely in the US and Latin America without worrying about pain pills and the location of the nearest Emergency room.

And in my work, I’ve developed a reputation for dependability. Promotions now come easier, and I even have sick time left over at the end of each year!

This is change you can live with! Right?


To eliminate crushing daily headaches and migraines from your life, You need …

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  • Choose the most immediate path to relief
  • Identify the actual cause of the pain, rather than popping pills to mask the symptom (the headache)
  • Eliminate the recurring headache at its source and experience pain free living. Never again have to beg Emergency Room nurses for pain killers and put up with the look that labels you "junky".
  • Symptoms and warning signs
  • "The Lifesaver Test" – When you absolutely MUST see your doctor to prevent life threatening complications.
  • Review on treatment options traditional and alternatives
  • How to tell when your Doctor is really interested in helping you end your suffering and when he’s just after the next co-pay
  • Avoid permanent drug side effects, which your Doctor may not mention
  • News updates with latest headache/migraine remedy new and information
  • Use the latest ways to get headache migraine pain relief as well as freedom from your dark bedroom, pain pills, nausea, and hot/cold compresses.

You are literally 24 hours away from changing your life…

Inside "Total Headache Relief" you are about to discover exactly how to:

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Here’s how "Total Headache Relief" has Dramatically Changed the Lives of Many Other Headache Sufferers like You…

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-Lia Johnson
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The average headache sufferer/migraineur spends $ 1931.98 on sick time, doctor visits, and medicines, and that’s just for 1 year!

That’s more than $ 112,157.64 over a life time! You could spend a lifetime and thousands of dollars randomly trying and rejecting headache programs, hoping to hit on the right one for your situation.

Not to mention the intangible costs of life passing you by while you sit (or lie) on the sidelines waiting for the pain to stop – missing the parties, the new friends, the kid’s school plays, the grand kid’s soccer games, losing old friends and the closeness with your loved ones.

What price would you put on the priceless value of having a lifetime free of excruciating pain , to be able to truly appreciate the joy of being with your friends and family again?



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Wishing you Vibrant good health and happiness,

Renee Morales


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P.P.P.P.S. Does your doctor give you a complete 1 Year money back guarantee on his advice?

No, he keeps your money regardless of whether you get better. In fact, if you don’t get better he asks you to make ANOTHER appointment to pay him!

I guarantee for a full year 100% of your money back if the method does not help you control and eliminate headaches from your life. Get Total Headache Relief now!